Outsourcing to Romania

Over 450000 people are working in outsourcing within Central and Eastern Europe. Romania gives around 20% of those. The quick growth of this sector is due to the perfect balance between cost and quality, and also to the fact that people speak more languages. The outsourcing sector has over 10% growth each year. Over 90000 Romanians are working in the local outsourcing sector, a sector which is second as export value for our country.

While Romania is in continuous competition with Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary in attracting international companies in search for outsourcing in a cost effective and efficient manner, it is considered the favorite offshore and nearshore location in Europe by many. While costs of labor may be lower in the Far East than Eastern Europe, overhead costs – including costs of flights, management, and the potential costs of cultural gaps – are lower when outsourcing to Romania. A current worldwide trend of shifting from low cost to cost effectiveness benefits the local outsourcing sector. Multinational companies have oriented themselves towards choosing more qualified human resource with high level of technical and soft skills. Focus has shifted from low cost to getting things done professionally and Romania is considered at the moment the perfect place to achieve this.

Companies in Romania have also made the next step by extending their service offer from hourly managed projects, to complete solutions. Romania’s involvement and inclination towards foreign languages is proven by the vast number of multilingual call-centers that deserves foreign clients. At a cost level, local professionals are surely not the cheapest, but their price-value ratio puts them on the highest rankings. Location, culture, educational system puts Romania as a promising technological hub and a resource for businesses looking for an outsourcing solution.

Within the top web and mobile development companies in Romania, you can find Red Rock Tech as well. We do consultant work, creating custom software solutions and integrations, and at the same time we develop and market our own software products as well. We develop products for web and mobile and help with software integrations. Creating a high quality and cost efficient solution is our primary goal and we are there for the whole lifecycle of the project.